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Our driver, Pepe, decided this was a must see part of our trip.  I have to admit, he was right.


    I don't know how long these guys have been doing this, or who the idiot was who first came up with it, but it's fairly interesting.  (It's also pretty dumb, as far as I'm concerned, but these guys definitely have guts.)  It's something I really recommend you see if you get the chance.

    The divers swim in from who knows where and climb the cliff.  All the while the waves are crashing in and out of this little crevice.  If they survive, you get to meet the divers after the show.  Strangely enough they manage to come through the whole thing without a scratch.  Hmmm....Somebody call Mulder and Scully.

    Anyway, when they get to the top of the cliff, they take a moment to rest and pray at the shrine.  I'm not sure, but I'm guessing they're asking for a fully functioning brain to keep them from doing this over and over.  Nah...they're probably just asking for their daily dose of "I'm not gonna splat like the last bozo."  I know I wouldn't...I'd find my own, special way to splat.  By the way, anyone know the Spanish word for "splat"?

    So the divers get through praying and off the edge they go, right into the water.  Honestly, my hat's off to these courageous souls.  I mean, if they didn't bravely throw themselves off of this cliff, what in the world would we have to show our evolutionary connection to the mighty lemming?  Think about it.

After soaking up the tropical sun for a few days, it was time to move on. We started up our engines again and headed further south to Rodman, Panama, just on the other side of the Panama Canal.