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The Duck Club

The duck club is a group of friends that met in Vienna, Austria.   We decided to give our group a name in the spirit of silliness and elitism - our specialties.   The Duck Club is: Nicole, Harald, Tatiana, Dan, Mollie, Susanne, me and now Paris.  Paris was made an honorary member at our wedding.   We all live in different places now - Nic and Harald in Maryland - Tatiana and Dan in Washington - Mollie and Susanne in Vienna - but we've had some great times, as these pictures will show.


Tatiana visits us in Hawaii - July 2001

The three of us at one of our favorite restaurants - Sam Choy's Breakfast, Lunch and Crab.

Tatiana tries poi...despite our warnings.

Tatiana and I went on a boat trip to the area off Waikiki Beach.   Here you can see Tatiana playing in the water and coming off the water slide.

We saw some turtles but they kept there distance.

Tatiana in the shadow of the American flag.  What a patriot!  Next step - singing the national anthem at a Seattle Mariners game.

Tat and Paris at our sunset picnic at Waimea Beach.



Visiting Nicole and Harald - June 2001

We were able to visit Nic and Harald, who are expecting their first child in November, for a few days in June.

Paris and Nic posing outside the garage.

Nic taking a break.



Nic and Harald hosted Tatiana, Susanne and I for a few days prior to my wedding in October of 2000.   It was the first time most of us had seen each other since leaving Vienna.   Most of these images were taken by Susanne.

Nic and I in the Baltimore airport parking lot at some ungodly early hour.

Susanne and I playing with the flags in front of the house.

Susanne and I in front of the White House.  We spent a day playing tourist in DC.

Susanne, Tatiana, Nic and me preparing to drive down to Blacksburg, Virginia for the wedding. 

Looking through the fantastic album that they all put together of our adventures in Vienna.   

Harald with Klaus the wonder-dog, me sharing a chair with kitty China, Nicole and Tatiana.

more blasts from the past to come...