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Our Family


Paris, Pooty and Dad in March of 2000 when Dad came out to visit Hawaii the first time.

Dad tans his belly on the beach.


Dad checks out the Captain's Chair on the Reuben James.

At the "Rivah" house along the Potomac in Coles Point, Virginia with Mom and Dad in June of 2000.

The picture of all of us around the table on the main page of this photo album was taken on the same day.


Stan, Wanda, Joey and Bryan

 Our engagement party in Virginia in June of 2000.

With Mom at the engagement party.   Mom and Dad came up from Texas and Wilma joined us also.


The island of Kauai December 2000

At Waimea Canyon with Mom and Dad

Christmas 2000

The Bruce Family joined us for Christmas dinner.

Virginia June 2001 at the Rivah House

Crenshaw Clan from left to right - standing: Nanny, Dave, Dad, Mom - seated: Wanda, Stan Nana, Pop-Pop, Bryan, Helen, Joey


Paris and Mom


Wanda and Teddy catch some rays.


The boys play stick 'em up on the pier.


With Mom and Dad and their new place in Coles Point.

With Nana and Pop-Pop, at their place down the road.