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Loki's Loveline

Hello, my name is Loki.   I'm a single, young, male Scorpio with short, black hair and bright yellow eyes.   I'm usually quiet but almost always active, unless I'm napping.  I can be very friendly, unless you make me mad.

My favorite things include soft food, chasing lizards or crumpled pieces of paper, batting at my crunchy food, staring out the window at birds and terrorizing my parents while they are asleep.   When I'm napping I love to stretch way out and show my belly.   It's much cooler to sleep that way!

I'm very adventurous.   I like to climb furniture and have even made the death defying walk along the longest curtain rod in the world.   I've been known to brave the icy depths of the refrigerator as well as the darkest reaches of the cabinets.   I enjoy leisurely strolls around the bathtub and sampling bubble bath.

If you would like to get to know me write me at Pooter's Personals.   Each message will get a reply!   Serious responses only!


If you want to learn more about how I joined this family, click here.  Or link to my photo gallery below...I'm too cute!!!