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On the same day that I resigned from my job, Paris took me down to the Humane Society. No, he wasnít dropping me off! We had talked about getting a kitten and that day seemed perfect for it. We checked with them and they only had four kittens available. So, off we went to find our new baby.

Of the kittens, there was only one black one. We held him and listened to him meow as he struggled a bit but then settled down and snuggled in our laps. He was tiny and absolutely adorable. We had to have him. After filling out the paperwork, he was ours and on his way home with us. He didnít care much for the box he was in, or the noise from the Jeep, but once he was home everything was fine.

He immediately scampered around and played with Paris as I went to get his new box, food and bowls. We werenít prepared, as we should have been...but he was fine. When I came home, he was curled up with Paris. This after I had warned him that he would probably hide from us for a few days while he got used to his new home. So much for that. I managed to grab the camera and below is what I captured.

Our little kitty was anything but shy. In fact, he was very affectionate and very talkative. He always wanted to be with us and ended up following us around everywhere.

When we adopted him, they claimed that he was eight weeks old. But judging from his teeth and little ears and face, that was impossible. He was five weeks at best. For the first fourteen days we fed him formula, then he graduated to real kitten food.

After toying with a few names we decided to name him Loki, after the Norse god of mischief. This name suites him well, as does his nickname. Because of his size and the formula he was on, Loki had some unfortunate digestion problems. It may even be possible that his gaseous nature contributed to the growing hole in the ozone layer. That smelly fact gave him the unfortunate nickname of Pooty. More unfortunate for us is that this seems to be a permanent problem. Loki answers more readily to Pooty than anything else. But we still love him.

Loki loves to play with the leaves in the yard, chase paper balls, get in the fridge and pounce on us whenever he can. He shares our pillows at night and occasionally gives Paris a bath. Apparently he thinks Paris is a big, dirty kitty! Here you see an example of Paris having his hair washed by Loki.

Loki is very affectionate and playful. We love him tremendously and luckily he does more than just tolerate our presence. He seems to love us as well.