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These are some pictures of my adventures.  I hope you enjoy them!


I love to watch Animal Planet and hope to go on Safari someday to see my cousins.   I don't think I'll wear this outfit because it makes my butt look way too big!

I love to help Mommy in the kitchen...but only when she isn't looking.   I'm pretty good at tasting the chicken and fish to make sure it's fresh.


One of my favorite things to do is play along the top of the vertical blinds.   Mommy and Daddy don't like this very much...but it sure is a great test of my balance!

Sometimes I like to sit on Daddy's back.   He won't let me do this for very long but it's good practice for helping him with his push-ups.


I love sleeping all stretched out and on my back.   Unfortunately I don't get to sleep like this for very long because Mommy always comes up and tickles my belly.

This is the first time I was able to see baby Olivia.   No one would let me get too close to her, but I did managed to sneak into her playpen while they were holding her.  

 I sure hope Mommy and Daddy don't bring home a baby of their own because babies cry, smell funny and are stingy with their toys.


Here I am waiting to give Daddy his Christmas card and present.   Of course, I was naughty and tried to knock off Christmas tree ornaments and rip open packages before Christmas morning but Santa still gave me lots of wonderful ribbons and bows to play with!