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We're in San Diego!!!  I'm now halfway through my second tour of duty in San Diego. I am now a Lieutenant Commander, serving aboard USS NIMITZ (CVN 68). We expect to get our next set of orders in three months or so and will transfer sometime around April 2009. I obviously need to update this site, but you can still see some of the information about my first two tours of duty. 


Duty Stations:  Places I've Lived

The Navy obviously sends its personnel all over the world.  The opportunity to live in different places is part of what defines "Navy Life".  The entries below will be a running list of the places I have lived, and the places Helen and I (and our family) will live in the future.
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January through June, 1996:
Student, Division Officer's Course
Surface Warfare Officer's School
Newport, Road Island

Newport was a great place to start my Navy career.  I spent six months living in a great apartment on Narragansett Avenue, a block away from the "cliff walk" and very close to the historic mansions.  I learned a lot and met some great people while I was there.

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August 1996 through August 1998:
Number Two Main Machinery Room Division Officer
Yokosuka, Japan

Yokosuka is an harbor city on the eastern coast of the island of Honshu, about 40 miles due south of Tokyo.  Yokosuka is home to the Navy's Seventh Fleet.

October 1998 through May 2000:
Ordnance and Fire Control Division Officer
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Pearl Harbor is called the "Navy's Best Home Port", and for a good reason.  This tropical port is home to the Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet and is a place full of history.  It's also full of things to do on your off time.

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May 2000 to Present:
Chief of Mission Distribution Branch and Acting Director of C4I
US Pacific Command Cruise Missile Support Activity
Camp H. M. Smith, Hawaii

Home to Headquarters, US Pacific Command, as well as Headquarters, Marine Forces Pacific, Camp Smith sits atop a hill looking down over Pearl Harbor.  From this vantage, I've enjoyed just over a year of great shore duty.



One of the greatest things about being in the Navy is the opportunity to travel. Granted, 75% of Earth's surface is covered in water. That means that most of the time water is all we get to look at. As the saying goes, "sailors belong on ships and ships belong at sea." Fortunately, the Navy realizes we can't stay at sea all the time. That's when we get to see the sights, meet new people, and experience all the different cultures that cover the other 25% of our world.

You can see sights from the latest of the deployments that I have been on.  As time passes and my naval career progresses, you'll see new and different places here.  And depending on server space, I'll try and keep the old stuff available, too.  Just click on one of the hyperlinked deployments below to see where I've been.

February through June, 1997 USS INDEPENDENCE (CV 62) Southern Swing '97
January through May, 1998 USS INDEPENDENCE (CV 62) Operation SOUTHERN WATCH
May through August, 1999 USS REUBEN JAMES (FFG 57) Teamwork South '99