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The Updates
Pictures: The Day Before
Pictures: Happy Birthday!
Pictures: The First Week
Pictures: The Second Week
Pictures: The Third Week
Pictures: The Fourth Week
Pictures: Weekly Progress
TTTS Explanation

Pictures: The First Week

            These are pictures taken during our girls' first week after birth (between 3/27/2002 to 3/30/2002).  On Saturday, 30 March, their post-conceptual age was 29 weeks.  Eleven more weeks to go!

Proud Mommy

Helen checking in on Natasha during her first morning in the incubator.

Proud Daddy

Daddy showing off Tatiana for the camera. So you can get an idea of how tiny she is, my hand is right next to her.

Tatiana's Sign

The nurses make signs like this for the little ones they take care of.

Natasha's Sign

Here's the one for Natasha's bed.

Tatiana's E.T. Impression

The oxygen monitor makes her foot glow, just like ET's finger! In case you don't remember that part, the movie's out in theatres, again.

Tash in the Spotlight

Not even a week old and Natasha is already basking in the spotlight. it's the billi-lite, but it's still cute, isn't it?