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Angel Island

A view of Angel Island from Helen's hospital room. I would have included a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, but the light was all wrong. Maybe tomorrow.


A view of a church from Helen's room (#1544).

Mommy Belly (Side View)

Helen shows off her tummy. She didn't realize she was so big! Tee hee.

Mommy in Bed

Helen enjoys the comfort of her adjustable bed (with her big belly).

Mommy in Bed, Again

Helen checks out the view while we wait.

Mommy Still in Bed

Helen checks out her tummy.

Our Room - The Front Door

Our front door...complete with privacy curtain!

Our Room - The Sink and the Study

The corner where I spent many hours working on those e-mail updates.

Our Room - Window Seat

Our comfortable sleeping quarters, complete with one of the best views in the building.


Enjoying some of our last moments alone together. From now on we're "a family"...not just "a couple."

Two Babies!

Helen points out baby locations. "Bean" is on Helen's left--down low, "Sprout" is on her right--up higher.

Looking for Numbers

We spent a lot of time watching this display for the numbers that represented the babies' heartrates.

On the Monitors

Here's Helen connected to the monitors that check the babies heartrates and watch her belly for contractions. She's spent many boring hours with those things strapped to her tummy.

Talking to Babies

Sometimes, when the babies' heartrates don't show up the way we want them to, we have to talk to the girls and make sure they stay under the monitors.

The Monitor Machine

Here's the whole machine that recorded Helen's contractions, the babie's heartbeats, and other vital information. Spending so much time with it, I actually learned to operate most of the monitoring equipment.