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Photo Album

There are many different types of pictures to share and I'll try to spare everyone more pictures of our kitty...despite how cute he is.


Our Wedding Album:

The Wedding Ceremony

The Wedding Party

The Reception

Pictured: The Duck Pond at Virginia Tech

Fun Family Photos

Pictured : Left - The Fortner's visit for Christmas & Right - Learning how to pick crab with the Crenshaw clan

Special Friends:

Some pictures of my favorite people!

Kim and Tony Bruce and our God-daughter Olivia

The Duck Club

Texas Gang

Pictured: Left: Olivia, our little angel & Right: Preparing for a combined birthday party with Nicole

Special Events and Holidays:

Pictured: With our God-daughter, Olivia Brigham Marie Bruce, at her christening

Generic Fun Stuff:

Pictured: Playing in the water