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The Updates
Pictures: The Day Before
Pictures: Happy Birthday!
Pictures: The First Week
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Pictures: The Third Week
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Pictures: The Third Week

            This week, the third after birth, marked some real milestones.  Both girls were relieved of all intravenous needles, they both opened their eyes, and we got to hold them for the first time!  At the bottom of the page, you will find a couple of shots of the Ronald McDonald House in San Francisco.

Mommy holding Tatiana

"This week, Mommy and Daddy got to hold us for the first time. I like listening to Mommy's heartbeat. I can rest here for a long time."

Mommy holding Natasha

"I normally don't like to be bothered. But it's really nice to be close to Mom."

A First Peek

Natasha barely opens her eyes for the camera. She's very sleepy and, like her sister, doesn't usually keep her eyes open for very long.

So THAT'S my Mommy!

Tatiana takes the opportunity to get a closer look at her mom.


Holding the girls is one of the great milestones for Helen. It's a chance to truly bond with our little angels.

Me, too!

Even Dad get's to share the experience.

Our first family photo.

It's not exactly a studio shot, but we're overjoyed to be together, at last.

The Ronald McDonald House

"Ronnie's" house, founded in 1989, has been our home-away-from-home since the girls arrived.


The Ronald McDonald House hosts up to ten families, providing lodging when a child's illness or other medical problem requires them to be in or near a hospital more than 50 miles from home for an extended period of time. Families can stay for up to 90 days at a time--although longer stays are possible, if necessary.

A True Blessing

Our room, on the upper right corner, provides Helen with a place to stay so she can be near the girls. I go up on weekends to be with them. We share community kitchen, dining, and living areas downstairs. Many of our needs are provided for by additional donors, but we have space to keep our own groceries and can do our own laundry, too.