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Pictures: Happy Birthday!
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Pictures: The Fourth Week
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Pictures: The Fourth Week

            This week involved more holding time for both Mommy and Daddy.  You'll see some pictures of Natasha's bath time, as well.  Both girls get bathed every other day.  We like to help out with that when we're able to.  The girls don't seem to enjoy the process as much as we do, but they put up with it for our sake...and because they have no choice.  As you may already know from the Weekly Progress page, both girls are now over 2 pounds in weight and still growing.

Cuddle time for Tatiana

"I really enjoy cuddling with Mommy, but I'm not too fond of this tube thing. It may help me breathe, but it's got to go, soon."

Bath Time for Natasha

"Are my armpits really that stinky? You know how sensitive I am. Is this really necessary?"

Eyes Wide Open

"Now let's see. The tube thing seems to be leading somewhere. I'm curious, but I think I just want to get rid of this thing."

Head Rubs: Our Favorite

" the bath thing isn't so bad, as long as you give me a nice head massage. Aaahhh."

Sunbathing, again.

"Okay, so the uncomfortable tube thing comes out here? I'll have to remember that."

The Right Spot

"Thanks for the nice massage, Mommy!"

Billi-blankets aren't comfortable.

"This blue thing may look cool, but it's like sleeping on a board. Of course, I don't really know what that means, since I'm not even four weeks old. Maybe it has something to do with this annoying breathing tube."

All tuckered out.

"I don't know what Tatiana's complaining about, but I'm sleepy. I've had a bath, a nice massage, and now I'm wearing a pretty pink shirt. I think I'm ready for a nap. Yaaaawwwn."